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Who are we

The Marketing Arm (TMA) has been marketing and coordinating selling events for over 30 years. In 2010 TMA's IT/Marketing team developed the 

easy-to-use, cloud-based i-Show Manager software platforms, 

i-Show, i-Show Remote and  

TMA was able to develop and operate the industry's most user-friendly system thanks to the 30 years of experience working with wholesalers,

brokers, manufacturers, customers, contractors and facilities. 

TMA provides wholesalers, retailers, suppliers & customers the proper training and user support needed to accomplish ease of use of all software programs.

Trade Show Marketing & Coordination


TMA has been marketing and coordinating trade shows and other selling events in the wholesale distribution industry for over 30 years!  


Creating motivational and attainable goals and incentives for your sales staff, delivery drivers, procurement staff, and most importantly, customers has been the key to the success TMA has shared with clients.


TMA continues to team up with wholesalers to produce the best selling shows in the industry!


Customized Premium Incentive Program

TMA has produced customized premium incentive programs for over 30 years.  


If you're looking to further motivate your customers or sales staff, TMA will put together your customized program to help meet your goals.  

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How it works

Marketing Programs

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TMA, Inc.

1919 S. Highland Ave.

Suite 200C

Lombard, IL 60148


Main: 630-656-1133


Fax: 630-656-1139


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