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Road show program delivered and executed from coast to coast and city to city!

Includes all of the features and capabilities of


Your i-Show team sets up a dedicated onsite wi-fi network that guarantees the fastest possible wi-fi speed (facility's wi-fi not used).


iPads are provided for the exhibitors and/or customers to place orders using the i-Show system.


Customer registration, order viewing areas and customer check out are also provided.  

A team of i-Show IT professionals are onsite to execute each event. 




i-Show Remote


Great for VendEx programs and smaller trade/selling shows.  


i-Show Remote includes all of the features and capabilities of

Users place orders on the i-Show Remote mobile web site from their own device or iPads can be rented from The Marketing Arm (TMA).


Connect to the i-Show Remote mobile web site using the facility's wi-fi network.  


i-Show Remote is recommended for programs using 50 or less devices.

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